Health and Safety Policy

The Alpine Burj Consultancy is committed to effective Health and Safety management and prevention of injuries and illness must be made a priority. Safety program is based on the following:

  • Working safely ensures quality, improves productivity and therefore generates value;
  • Comply with requisite legal statutory requirement and the other accepted norms.
  • Leadership, passion and commitment are present at all levels;
  • Attitude and behaviour will then replace statistics as a measure of success;
  • Enabling people to make safe choices about their own and their neighbours’safety in the challenging environment which they work;
  • Good Safety behaviour is admired, respected and most importantly recognized across the organization;
  • Peer pressure will replace policing by providing that acting unsafely is anti-social and damaging to the company’s reputation;
  • We have a well-trained and fully competent work force who will actively contribute to the safe planning of their work.

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