Engineering Consultancy Services

Feasibility Study

Drawing on the skills within our dedicated economic research unit and the experience and expertise of our senior staff we provide customers with reliable forecasts of costs for various type of structures.

Quantity Surveying

We have the capability to measure quantities under all alternative standard methods and our staff are trained to prepare these documents using a range of software products.

Tender Evaluation

Guidelines providing for a consistent approach for various types of structures and services tenders that utilize the weighted criteria method for tender assessment.

Front End Engineering Design

FEED plays a critical role in preparing projects for success. More than simply providing a project cost estimate, FEED comprises a thorough project scope, complete project budget, total cost of ownership, implementation timeline and initial risk assessment.In fact, benchmark studies show benefits of up to 30 percent reduced cost and shorter project execution times when FEED studies are performed.

Detail Engineering Services

We perform analysis & design based on materials and components available in local market and or as per the common specific requirement in order to reduce cost and time. Detailed engineering shall be done to avoid wastage of material and economically sizing without compromising on safety of design and specification requirement.

Rebar Detailing Services

Field Placement/Shop Drawings, 3D Modelling of Rebar, Connection sketches, Bar Listing. Precast Concrete Structure Design and Detailing - Complete Building Systems, Hollow Core Slabs, Sleepers, Tunnels & Culverts, GRC & GRP, Stairs, Cladding Panels, Beam and Column, Boundary Walls, Sandwich Panels, Manholes, Barriers.

Steel Detailing/Drafting Services

3D Modelling (Clash free Model), Anchor Bolt Drawings, Detailed Shop Drawings, Bending and Rolling Drawings (Plate, Profiles), Plate Nesting (with DXF and CNC codes), Profile Nesting, Bill of Material, Erection Plans & sequence, Lifting Arrangements Drawing.

Third party Design Review

This peer review service typically results in recommendations for design modifications or construction techniques that provide superior performance after construction, as well as extended service life, often at the same or reduced costs.

Value Engineering

In an age of increasing competition for financial resources, innovation and improved value are needed across all industries and levels of government. We are devoted to the advancement and promotion of the value methodology.

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