Building and Infrastructure


We deal with comprehensive design solutions from conceptualization, master planning, structural analysis, designing etc. for

  • Single residential units
  • Multi-storied residential buildings
  • Residential parks
  • Villas. etc


We have been completely equiped for providing full engineering package including layouts, planning, structural analysis, designing, detailing etc. for all types of commercial structures and buildings viz,

  • Shopping Malls
  • Markets
  • Convention Centers
  • Hotels & Restaurants etc.


Alpine Burj Consultancy provides complete design solutions for various industrial buildings and structures viz,

  • Warehouses
  • Factory
  • Various Treatment Plants
  • Power Plants


We understands the importance of marine structures in the decade. Alpine Burj Consultancy is able to provide Engineering solutions on all types of Marine structures viz,

  • Docks
  • Offshore platforms
  • Coastal Structures
  • Subsea Pipelines


As the importance of transportation Engineering is growing with a vital position in Urban Planning, We offer advanced and complete engineering services for all structures related to transportation engineering viz,

  • Highway
  • Railway
  • Port and Harbour
  • Airports etc.

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